Building Law

We appreciate building your first home or the home of your dreams can be an exciting experience. Through careful consideration of the various legal aspects of your project we can assist with ensuring your expectations are met.

Our building law services include legal advice when:

  • Purchasing or sub-dividing property;
  • Contractual negotiation and performance with architects, builders, and suppliers; and
  • Assistance with addressing and resolving disputes throughout the building process.

We recognise you may have questions about:

  • Building contracts and terms;
  • Financial contracts and arrangements;
  • Local government: District and Regional Councils
  • Legislation governing the building process, including the Building Act 2004, Building Regulations 1992 and the Building Code; and
  • Building disputes.

To find out more about our building services, please call on 03 443 8286 or email: to make an appointment.