Why Mediation

Mediation works. Mosts cases settle. It is quicker than other forms of dispute resolution.  Once the parties have agreed to mediate, a date can be set quite quickly.  Except in complex cases, mediation meetings should only take a day.  Compare that with litigation which, because of its case management structure and formal processes can take… READ MORE »

More on the 90 day trial period

Outline – The predicament of Heather Smith, and particularly the circumstances surrounding her dismissal by Stokes Valley Pharmacy (2009) Limited has become somewhat of a cause celebre for the opponents of the 90 day trial provisions of the Employment Relations Act. Heather Smith claimed that her employer, Stokes Valley Pharmacy (2009) Limited  dismissed her unjustifiably.… READ MORE »

Trusts and Creditors

Trusts — getting it right from the start. There is nothing like a good recession to test the strength of an estate plan, particularly where assets are transferred to a family trust to put them out of harm’s way. A recent Supreme Court Decision and an amendment to the law relating to prejudicial dispositions put… READ MORE »