Dispute Resolution

Disputes can arise in any relationship and can cause unnecessary stress, disturb productive relationships, and be costly and time consuming. Issues requiring resolution may exist between:

  • Families involving relationship property; or wills and estates;
  • Employers and employees;
  • Companies, clients and suppliers;
  • Landlords and tenants;
  • Builders, homeowners and councils;
  • Consumers and goods and service providers; and
  • Neighbourhood issues.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Many of these disputes can be resolved timely and cost effectively through alternative forms of dispute resolution including:

  • Negotiation directly between the parties; or
  • Mediation through a trained negotiator; or
  • Arbitration as a more formal process to avoid litigation in the Courts.

Formal Resolution

Sometimes ADR does not result in an acceptable outcome and formal resolution is required. Involvement with the Courts, may include settlement conferences or litigating the matter.

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